2016 - ongoing

In the Jogno district, heart of Seoul, you can find a building known as Nagwon-Music-Mart. It is constructed on a system of pillars and hovers above a highly frequented multi-lane road.

The place is frequented by businessmen from the offices around, groups of schoolkids coming from a daytrip to the popular Insadong-area close-by or elder people meeting for a chat or possibly attending one of the dance-meets around.

Passing under the building they instantly get surrounded by darkness and the only light comes from the traffic-lights around.

For short time in the early evening when the sun is approaching horizon the daylight breaks through and lights up a spot where passengers stand and wait for the green light to cross the busy streets. A short moment in every-day-life when we need to slow down and wait.

Watching the people illuminated in the darkness recalls the scenic image of a theaterplay. A piece where small gestures become meaningful and intimate.

The gaze on the person next to you. The driving of a hand through the hair. A cheek resting on a shoulder.

At the same time it seems to me that the people passing by are lost in thought and just like brightness and darkness are opposed phenomenons, they remain disconnected from the world around them.